D   W   O   G         P   A   C   O           reintegrating female former child soldiers in northern Uganda


In the summer of 2011 I interviewed 40 formerly abducted women.

Women from different districts, some old and some young, some married but most single.

But all had been snatched away from their homes and their love ones by the Lord's Resistance Army.


     Of the 40 women I interviewed, that's the average age at which they were abducted.


     â€¦the average number of years each of these women spent in the bush.

Each had a story to tell. Each had a story that needed telling. Stories of abduction, rape, escape, stigmatization, hardship, redemption and rebirth. But having conducted my initial interviews, I only had five digital cameras to hand out. Choosing the five women was a hard decision, and still one I'm not sure I made correctly.

But you tell me.

Alice, Christine, Janet, Jennifer and Mary are waiting to tell you their stories.